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I love the process of collage. The tactile deliciousness of sorting through little bits of things. Searching and discovering. Tearing, arranging, adhering. Layering in color and texture. I love making a mess when I work.

But I think what I brings me most joy, truly, is the journey - the (messy) path through and towards transformation. The materials that join togetter to tell a (sometimes unanticipated) story. The visual melodies that emerge and evolve.

Sometimes I feel like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, practicing my own type of alchemy.

I create abstract compositions, mystical scenes, and imaginary worlds. Many of my works are introspective images that reflect what’s inside, under, and between the layers of our selves - life journeys and metamorphoses.

And sometimes, it is just fun joyful creative expression.


Transistions Series

This series of small works are studies in subtle change. Landscape-inspired compositions on paper or canvas, they integrate transitions in color and form to represent seasonal, life, and energy shifts.

Utopia Series

These explorations of imagination pay homage to artist Joseph Cornell. Using a topographical map of Mount Everest for the common background, they feature figures and objects situated in nostalgic, dreamlike settings.  

Vipassana Series

These works express transformation, metamorphosis, and self-discovery as well as concepts from yoga philosophy. Evolving from the Utopia Series, these pieces integrate similar visual elements and expand on the  themes of introspection and life journeys.

Vipassana means to see things actually as they are and is usually translated as “insight.” 

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